I Fall In Love Quickly, Madly, Deeply...

I become infatuated so quickly and become feverishly "in love" with a man. It's disturbing and painful, as most times, tragically, My love is unrequited. I then crash and burn, and it takes me an inordinate amount of time to recover. Help. I wish I wasn't this way. And please don't suggest that next time I take it slow, blah, blah, blah, because I can't control the intensity of my feelings. Keep in mind that I only feel this way for a select few. I know when I like someone, it happens rarely but when it happens - boom! I come alive and I get so excited I can barely eat or sleep at first. I'm so sensitive to every nuance And I analyze very move endlessly, never tiring of this activity in my mind. I am so kind, trusting, and generous, that men take advantage of my good nature. In short, people I love have enormous power over me because I need them, I want them desperately, and I'm willing to crawl until the ends of the earth to be loved by them in return. Is there no hope for me? Am I the only poor, helpless soul who experiences this devastating, sickening, crushing blows to my existence? Please say there is someone out there who understands me.
Jenjensensitive Jenjensensitive
1 Response May 4, 2012

omg!!! FINALLY someone who gets me! :o I'm 16 and a highly sensitive person too(I just found out) It's crazy cos when I read your post it felt like I was reading my own thoughts. All my friends have casual mild crushes and 'change guys' super often. But when I have a crush it's like I'm completely BLIND to all the other guys in the world...Like a guy could walk past me and even though he may be considered the hottest sexiest most 'do-able' thing to a normal girl, to me he's just another guy...another blank face...Actually, I can't even see the faces of anyone...All I can see is THAT guy I like...I rarely get crushes...but when I do it feels mind shattering..<br />
<br />
It feels like I'm truly IN LOVE...even though my crush probably doesn't like me back.. ;(<br />
But still...I can't escape the feelings...<br />
Everytime I see him I just can't breathe and I feel my heart like literally drumming in my chest...<br />
Without even trying I notice things about him that NO ONE can even see (even after I point it out)..<br />
It's like I see his soul right there..Like he's a perfectly crafted sculpture in a museum...It's just awestrucking (and still is even though he sits in front of me everyday)...My hands even shake sometimes in his presence...Just looking at him once sends shivers through my whole body..Like I've been electrocuted or something..and I can see the boyish innocence..charm and sensitivity so clearly in his eyes...<br />
It's not even like I WANT to feel this way...I often LONG to be like my other friends and NOT feel so ATTACHED to guys...But it's always been like that..oh and I can make up super realistic love stories between me and him in my head all the time too...Haha and it really feels like he's actually there xD<br />
*siigh* the perks of being a highly sensitive person...(though to be honest I really really love being able to see the world more vividly than other people).