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Does anyone else who works in an office get antsy while at work? My work is kind of boring but the worst part of it is just sitting all day staring at a computer. I feel like I need to move! I get all anxious after a long day of sitting and feel like I am going to explode. Some days it is nearly unbearable. When I get home I usually go for a run to calm myself down and expend some of this energy. This makes sitting all day somewhat bearable but it still is no fun!
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I have the same problem and have wondered if this is one of the traits of HSP's..being so distracted by things going on around us? I study alot at home and cannot sit for more than 20 minutes. Lectures at school are nearly unbearable! But that's why I'm going to school..I sat at a desk for many years and finally realized I was too creative to be sitting doing paper work all day. Sometimes I would set time limits for myself just to make it through the hours. I force myself to concentrate for 20 minutes. Then I get up, get some coffee, then go back. Or I'll stop and just doodle for 2 minutes, or write a funny thought down...anything not related to work. These little breaks really helped me pass the time. <br />
We also have a "drone" mentality in our society. When I was a boss, I used to walk in every morning and stop and just chat with my staff and ask what was new with them. Occasionally, I would announce to them that I thought they were working too hard and to stop immediately and go take a break..they knew I was kidding about the working too hard part but it made work fun...they did take the break I don't think it's normal to sit and work straight through (as they all want you to do) without taking little breaks. <br />
I think your "antsyness" is normal for you and many others - not everyone is a drone.

Become a boxer.

Sounds like you need a change of scenery! Is is that your work doesn't have room for you to advance? Are you holding yourself back (this happens often!!)? Do you like what you do at all? Do you get out at lunch time? Do you talk to anyone at your work?<br />
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Explain more and maybe there is something "we" can do to help?<br />
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I think I was in a negative mood when I wrote this....there are parts of the job that I like and there is lots of room for advancement. I've only been at the job for like 8 months but have been through a tax season where I worked 60+ hours a week for about 3 months-I knew this was part of the job coming in. I graduated about a year ago so it is my first "real job". I guess I just don't like devoting so much of my day to working but maybe I'm just being selfish and need to grow up. Thank you for your response though!

Oh...60 hours a week? I personally believe this is one of the things that's wrong with our society. They say that Europeans work to live and Americans live to work and I think it's both true and sad. I don't think your being selfish, I think you just want a life...or how about some sleep! Sorry to hear this is how you got introduced to the "real" world. Unless you love the job, you may have to keep looking so when you've got a respectable amount of time in on this job, you can find something with better hours. Good Luck!