Quoting from Dr S. Biali : "Highly Sensitive Persons are easily overwhelmed by stimuli, get stressed by loud noises and strong smells, are extremely perceptive, have rich and often intense internal lives, and need plenty of quiet and down time to maintain their equilibrium (and sanity)". I definitely seem to have such qualities and that permeable, thin skin. My sensitive side all too often picks up subtle signals which I cannot immediately interpret or "read" properly. Some of these signals serve me well, while others bring me off balance. It takes quite a while before I figure out what exactly the matter is. Sometimes I feel I need to protect myself from my oversensitivity. To ease my mind, I resort to spiritual means like prayer or meditation. These days, I'm in that vulnerable state again... and the words resounding in my head are to the Universal energy:..."grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference"...
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Yes, it helps to disengage the right side of the brain (which tends to be mercilessly analytical) and nurture the left side (which is more energetic and holistic)... I often register the swing from one side to the other, it's an ongoing balancing.

I relate. I've been doing everything I could that would bring me to spiritual balance because it seems to be the only thing that seems to be bringing me any sense of peace from my sensitivities to other people and my environment.

i understand completely. in times of change or turmoil, i completely shut down. i totally get where you are coming from and i am sending so much love your way babe xooxoxo

Thank you, I feel your empathy! Love and Lightness of heart back to you :-)

I too am often highly sensitive ...the last 4 days have been like that for me..... I am now avoiding places where there are too many people, I have chosen for now to stay home where I can connect with my spiritual side. Thanks for sharing, I know there are many people out there like this, but it is always nice to come across a personal story to remind me that I am not alone. ((Hugs))

Yes, it's very important to be able to retreat somewhere safe; stay at home or sometimes go out to be with/in nature, to reconnect...~bright smile~

Hang in there!! HSP's have great gifts and talents. Because we have the priviledge of using these gifts, we also have equally opposite difficulties that we must overcome and work around. It is not easy to stay the least but my best advice for you is to own your Highly Sensitive Personality and live your life. It is tough though and I still am figuring it out for myself one day at a time!

Thanks for your encouragement...it's truly a challenge to "keep it together" outwardly, especially in the highly emotional phases when there's a huge turmoil inwardly. Breathing deep also helps, right? :-)