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Positives Of Being An Hsp

I made this video highlighting the positives of living as a highly sensitive. Sometimes life feels so painful that it's hard to see that there is anything good with being so sensitive.  In fact being highly sensitive combined with traumatic life experiences led me to develop a personality disorder.  I hope you watch the video and let me know if you see the positives in yourself.  It's sometimes hard to remember these are gifts in a society which doesn't seem to value being like this, but the world would be a much more beautiful place if people were more sensitive! 


energycusp energycusp 26-30, F 1 Response May 25, 2012

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What a lovely video well done to you for being positive and highlighting what you have learnt :-) Many Hsps are also good at other things such as trend setting, being visionaries, being inventors, being counsellors, being nurses, teachers, artists.. Also being aware of nuances and details of situations can also mean that hsps have excellent intuition which can be as extreme as being psychics .. It is definitely important to take care of yourself and relax as unlike regular people hsps absorb more info and are often likely to have goals to learn more.. I believe that from what I have read that hsps are here for a reason and have a purpose here on earth to improve it in some way :-)