Being Highly Sensitive Is Really A Blessing

In my work I experience more and more people, who are what I call Highly Sensitive People. Many of them are in their life currently dealing with the same issues dealt with in the past. I am a Sensitive Being too.

Highly Sensitive People are also what is at times referred to as being Empathic.

About 15 years ago, I was not aware that I was a Highly Sensitive Person. Why is this?

Because I have been all my life, it has always been part of who I am, and I was not aware that I were more sensitive the most and definitely not aware what that meant for me in my life.

Before I knew how to tackle being sensitive, I would experience:
• Sudden emotional changes
• Sudden and unexplained pains in my body
• Difficulty taking a decision or making up my mind
• Not really knowing what I wanted
• Worried a lot about issues which now does not bother me at all
• Felt drained and was often seeking my own space and privacy
• Felt depressed and stuck

The list goes on and on, you may be able to add to it yourself. Being sensitive comes with a learning process and when you have not yet tackled this; it feels almost like a curse being sensitive.

What is the reason I felt like this?

Because of my sensitivity I unknowingly caught on to other peoples energy field, such as their thought processes and emotional state. I did not know how to deal with my sensitivity and automatically ‘took on’ what ever state they were in as being my own.

At the same time I was a healer, without knowing it, and it is my experience that quite a lot of Highly Sensitive People are.

Being sensitive and a natural healer meant that I constantly would feel what ever emotions or ailment other people had, and take it on as my own and then heal it as it was mine.

I was unable to figure out what was my thoughts and what was other people’s thought and for that reason I never seemed to know what I wanted for me. I was really good at giving others what they wanted, even before they knew themselves. I would often have helped them in what ever way they needed before they expressed it themselves. This is also referred to as being a ‘Pleaser’.

Often I changed my mind, as I were picking up other peoples opinions without them even having to express them to me.

I was often worried and fearful about issues I had no recollection of having encountered and therefore no prior experiences which should provoke this fear or worry within me.

When did I start to realize I was Highly Sensitive?
It was not before I moved away from home.

I noticed that the fear and constant worrying went away, and I realized that it had nothing to do with me. This was the first initial ‘wake-up call’, showing me that I was taking on other peoples though patterns.

When I was out I often found that other people drained me and I found that I was seeking my own private space more and more. In my private space I often found that I felt at ease and centred and this was where I could hear my own inner voice the clearest, I felt less confused.

About 15 years ago, I decided I wanted to start meditate and this made me even more sensitive, but what it also did was giving me the needed time alone in my own energy and I began to recognize my own energy.

About the same time someone told me that I was sensitive and she gave me a tool I used every day for a long time and which worked and helped me more than any other tool has.

What is the tool, which helped me so much?
She told me. Every evening when you come home, take a shower. Do not just take the shower, make it special, put on some soft music in the bathroom and put on some candle lights, then shower.

Close your eyes and think about your day, think about all the people and situations you have met and feel how each drop of water represent what you have met and picked up from them. Now feel how the water runs down your body and out through the drain.

Take a moment to feel how cleansed you are and while you dry yourself off, observe how you feel, observe your emotions, observe who you are when you are in just your own energy.

The meditation and the above exercise helped me, as I became more sensitive because of the meditation I was now able to pick up exactly when any change in my own energy field took place, as the exercise helped me recognize my own energy.

This was the first and a huge step to getting to know my self a whole lot better.

I was now able to know exactly when I picked up other peoples energy. I still ‘put in on’ as my own, but I was now aware that I did. The next step in my process of ‘freeing myself’, was to work on two things:
• Letting go of a desire to please others
• Setting boundaries

Because I was a 'Pleaser', always wanted other people to be happy and would go out of my own way to ensure that they were and to do this I would unconsciously have to know how they felt at all times.

This was not at all intentionally, but part of me was always tuning in to them, to see if I could help them in some way. My lesson was to let go of this, and learn that people have to walk their own walk; I can’t walk it for them. If they ask for help, I can help with compassion and care by supporting them.

Both because I was a 'Pleaser' and sensitive to others energy, I had a hard time setting boundaries, as I did not really know what my boundaries were. This was the second important lesson for me to learn.

Both of these lessons has taken lots of time for me to master, but having done this inner work, has given me a sense of purpose, being sensitive has change to be a blessing and a way of helping others on their way through life.

Being sensitive gives me lots of strength and by knowing my own energy from others and trusting in myself I am now able to tune in to people when they ask for my help.

I am able to feel what they feel and pick up on their thought patterns and general life patterns and this enables me to help them with issues in their life, as I understand what they are experiencing.

Being sensitive has given me the opportunity to learn about others, but most importantly myself and about how we as humans work on an emotional level and for that I am very grateful, as it helps me in my work as a Spiritual Guide & Advisor supporting other Highly Sensitive People.


Love encompasses All

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Love this and gonna read it back many time...........thanks for sharing. *hugs

Very interesting. Thank you for sharing. :)