Maybe This Will Help Some Folks

i think I've finally figured out what my deal is: I'm an HSP. When I think about how was as a kid and how I react to certain things now it makes perfect sense.

Here's my story

Every few years, especially during life transition periods such as adolescents, graduating college, midlife, i fall into a period of anxiety and depression. I get so wound up for so long about it that literally overnight, I crash. Then i have to go through the long recovery.

Just lately I've experienced a small crash, and that's why i started investigating HSP's.

For me, the golden rules are:
No caffeine
No weed (anxiety attacks)
Minimal sugar
Minimal alcohol
Watch out for the effects of supplements
Consistant, quality sleep
Don't overdo exercise
Eat regularly throughout the day
Don't ruminate and brood about issues that are important to me. Don't hold on to anger.
Have a period of "do nothing" time during the day

it looks like most of my triggers are physiological and emotional. Anybody else like this? What about the one day you're fine, the next you're destroyed thing?
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5 Responses Sep 18, 2012

I love music too but I'm in a metal band so i guess I'm one of those HSS HSP's, a high sensation seeker.

Hi..I also noticed lately i have become more sensitive to weed, i end up feeling more sensitive and anxious, my heart races, im stuck in my head and cant seem to open up in social situations, i feel awkward and almost like the mask i show the world is off and im now bare and vulnerable.

yeah, the stuck in my head part is familiar to me. Racing, circular thoughts. no fun at all.

addendum: no alcohol or sugar

Glad I could help. Do you experience "the crash" as well?

I like your golden rules, that seems helpful. I have slowly come to accept the hsp reality for myself. It does make life more challenging, so I greatly appreciate your insight.