A Little About What I Believe To Be, A Highly Sensitive Person

I always knew I felt things deeply, energies/moods. I feel I currently have a good hold over boundaries, however if there are a number of negative people in my space for a long period of time, I seem to get overloaded with sadness for days following the encounter. I know that I am most likely a HSP because I know who I am. When I am around supportive, loving people I feel balanced, when I am around jealously, negativity or darkness I am thrown off. I am here to converse with like-minded HSP.
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31-35, F
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Hi, I believe that I am a Highly sensitive person too. Not only do I get effected if there are negative people around me, but also when I see negative imagerly online. I can become overcome with sadness for days also. Your post is the first that I have read and all i can say is thanks.