Hardest Decisions Could Be The Best

Hello Everyone!
I am so happy I found this forum to post in! I just started an internship at a pretty big assisted living facility for older adults. It is a non-paid, 40 hour week, 15 week commitment. I work directly with residents in the activities department. It has been a bit of a challenge, but also a blessing. There are so many wonderful and positive things that have come out of this. It also could also be a bit hard at times, especially when I first started because some residents had behavior problems. It was really hard not to take them personal and MANY times I drove home balling my eyes out. Many of these people have memory loss/dementia and I have learned that the hard behaviors are the dementia talking and not the person. People act in ways they normally never would act.

I was starting to count down the days until I was done because I was so out of my comfort zone. I drive there every morning nervous, anxious, and sometimes dreading it because I never know how the day will be and what moods the residents are in. I thought to myself that if I was offered a job I would not want it. I took all my experience with me, but was ready to move on to something else.

It wasn’t until the last few weeks when I was offered the position since it was open. I am so nervous and scared about taking it. All my family and friends thought I was crazy for thinking to not take it. A job right out of college! I thought about it and talked with people that sometimes the hardest decisions to make are sometimes the best. I really want to help and serve others, but need to grow a thicker skin. I thought about it a lot (a lot of stress and crying) until I decided I should take it to grow, thicken my sensitive skin to not take behaviors so personal, and maybe it will lead me to something even greater in the future.
Ever made a hard decision and it turned out being the best? I am going to say yes to this job within the next few days.

Love, paws444
paws444 paws444
2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

whoa that sounds tough either way....you are a strong brave person to take this committment seriously. I did some home health care and thought I'd do well in it but it does take a strong person...one that I am not. I am too sensitive for this kind of job. Good luck in your future whatever you decide.

I wish you the best.