I Am Highly Sensitive To Violence!!!

Whenever I see violence on TV it just makes me sick. Literally. I just don't understand how that is entertainment. The negative mood that comes from seeing extreme violence on TV can stick with me for days. Not to mention that it gives me digestive problems and it makes me lose my appetite. Does anyone else feel this way? Sometimes I'll go on Facebook and everyone is saying "yay, season finale of ____________" fill in the blank with one of the most violent shows you know of. This stuff just makes me want to cry. Sometimes I feel like I have post traumatic stress disorder from violent imagery on tv. I can't watch the news either because I feel like I'm the only sane person in a crazy world. And I know that can't be the case.
My boyfriend has gotten better at trying to keep it away from me, but does not always succeed. He has guys movie nights and insists that I am just being too sensitive and it's a guy thing.
Does anyone have a way to cope with all the negativity on the news and TV?
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You are not alone. I am very much the same way. Especially when I know it is based on something that happened in real life. It took me years to watch Schindler's List and even then it was edited for regular T.V. Just like you, it stays on my mind for days. It seems like the only thing that helps me is time passing and I eventually move on to thinking about something else. It is very strange, it almost feels like I am living the scenes with the characters. My mind knows I am not but my body reacts as if it is really happening.

I used to react very badly to violent, gory or horror films. There are some films I refused or refuse to watch. Sometimes I watch violent films and I try to de-sensitise myself to some of it because I feel "I ought to toughen up abit and its only a movie after all". I have seen shocking scenes in films involving rape or violence where other people have laughed and I wondered why they just didnt feel disgusted like I did. Sometimes the violent scenes stay with me for a long time after seeing them. I wonder if other people laughing at violent scenes is their defence mechanism so as it doesnt upset them.

I relate. I rarely watch movies anymore and, thankfully, my husband and I gave away our television at the beginning of our marriage. If I am in the mood for a movie, I go to commonsense media and parent review to find out the violence rating and scenarios before I sit down to watch. I am finally allowing myself to get up in the middle of a movie if it makes me uncomfortable, and I make sure to have a good book to read waiting for me as I find that very soothing. The way I cope with negativity and violence is to know and accept my limits as much as possible and to honor them; this is a process and it can be difficult, as HSP's like to please others, but ultimately this seems to work out best for all involved.<br />
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It's unclear to me what your issues between you and your boyfriend are, and I don't want to make any assumptions. Is your boyfriend trying to tell you to be less sensitive and to join him in activities that make you uncomfortable, or are you uncomfortable with his non-sensitive nature?