True love. It's a fantastic concept. It's the drum my heart has beaten to since I can remember. It's the one thing I have always wanted. It's also the one thing I can not seem to even come close to finding. I am such a different person. It's hard enough for me to make friends, real friends at least. It seems to be impossible to find someone to love me and to love. Some people can be satisfied with someone who has a few similarities with them, someone who they can talk to about most things. I want someone who is the male version of me. I want someone I can talk to about EVERYTHING. I want someone who I could be alone with for eternity and never want for anything. I want all that and so much more. It's terrible when you know what you want but you just can't find it, and it is not finding you. Maybe we both have a horrible sense of direction or maybe we aren't on the same plane, perhaps not the same planet or galaxy. Maybe there was a mix up or a punishment and I am meant to live this lifetime without him. I know I am young but I have been waiting since I was born. I have been searching since I was 5. I am an old soul. I know him, it's like I remember him. Why can't I find this mystery man? I can be happy alone, I often am, but I want so much to find him.
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It seems hard for us to meet anyone yet here we all are on the internet complaining we cant meet anyone. Maybe thats why, cos we are all sat out computers instead of out in the world finding other HSP's to be with. Difficult I know as we may not have the most extrovert or outgoing personalities or confidence in ourselves. A dating site for HSP's would be great but cant find one. Maybe I should look at starting one myself. Hmmm, thats something to think of.

I have tried some dating sites (free ones) and my experience of them has been terrible. Women on there moan about the men being shallow while most of the seem shallow themselves, they all seem interested or looking for the same things, or thats the impression they give anyways. The put photos of themselves on beds, or with lots of cleavage showing then say "I am not interested in one night stands or talking about sex". Ok well dont give off the wrong signals by putting out suggestive photos then. Then guys like me who arent interested in one night stands or talking about sex get completely ignored.

I identify with you completely. It is so hard to find people on the same wavelength. Maybe we should start a dating site for HSP's :)

Hello RoselynnMagnolia, what you wrote is actually really sad. I can relate to all of it despite being a guy. I've no friends at all. Women/girls despise me for being who I am (infj, hsp, old soul), but what's even worse is that I know, as a matter of fact, that if any of these girls would show some interest in me, I won't be interested in her. <br />
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You know, I know a great number of girls here but I can't imagine to be together with any of them. They are these materialistic, selfish, gold digging, shallow people. They're most probably young souls or maybe even baby souls... I don't know, but they sure have nothing in common with me. I've never been loved, never even had a date ( a date? Not even a hug) and most likely never will. Modern society wants to annihilate our kind. <br />
I know, most guys aren't better than these girls, especially in my country's conservative materialistic culture and mentality, I can't be friends with them either. I'm so glad my chihuahua is always there for me though! But then again, moments of loneliness come from time to time, and it's hard to get rid of them. <br />
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I just wish I could find a soulmate, just like you described it.Too bad I feel it's never going to happen, at least in this country of mine that values a totally different stereotype of men.