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It's All In Your Head

no, it's not! I DO smell, hear, taste something, even if you don't!! I read a book about this so I know it's not just me that likes saltine crackers, plain!
RemyTravis RemyTravis 31-35, F 4 Responses Aug 11, 2007

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LOL! I believe my husband might feel your pain right there! I'm beginning to think my husband is HSP under his tough exterior. His senses are heightened also, and always swears his food tastes strange when me and brother are positive that it doesn't. Hope it hasn't been so troublesome for you as of late.

You're right, Remy. It's NOT just in your head. Your ability to hear and smell everything and be deeply affected by it is real. It's as real as the keyboard I am typing on. I am sorry you've been told it is in your head. No one deserves to be invalidated like that, and I hope you realize that just because others cannot perceive the world in the amazing and detailed way you can does not make your experience fake or invalid.

People are born with highly sensitive nervous systems and greater levels of awareness so as to notice more. People are born with color-blindness too, and if they were in the majority they wouldn't believe those of us who can see in full color.

This is the most insightful thing I've heard all day. Wow. What an amazing comparison to make. I think I may use this in future discussions on being hypersensitive. Thank you.

Ty for your ty!

I started a new job a few months back. my fear was that I'd be sitting in the middle of a cube farm. I should have asked about this before accepting the position. turned out, I was SHARING a large cube with another person!! this particular person likes to listen in on all my phone conversations, and actually joins in on any and all in person conversations I have. I've asked multiple times for another seating arrangement but I'm told there's no room anywhere else. so, now I'm looking for a new job, and that will be a question I ask.

Dang! I hope you find what you need, because that sounds like torture to an HSP.

I feel what you're going through. We have lived in a condo for the last year where our downstairs neighbors could hear everything. It has felt like the worst invasion of my privacy. I find it's hard to relax here and be myself. This was hard to explain to my husband and non-hsp friends who just didn't understand the need for one's own space. Now we are moving into a house and I am so excited. I hope you get your new job soon! That will be such a blessing!