I am very sensitive and process subtle changes/stimuli very deeply. I tend to feel and react to everything deeply and strongly. My moods/emotions are often intense and beyond my control, however I can control my actions. I usually feel more concern and empathy for my fellow human beings.
I can even feel the air moving around me when there is no breeze. When I was very young I interpreted these feelings as me having the "force". I often spot potential threats in an environment way before most people; when I was young I thought this was my "spidey sense".
I am easily startled, so please do not sneak up behind me. My body bruises easily, especially when hit in the face (I used to get many black eyes). When I am cut, my skin scars easily so don't cut me lol. I show symptoms of seasonal and general allergies, and my body is especially sensitive to mold and various chemicals which is bad for me because they are everywhere. I am a picky eater and often cannot stop myself from making yucky faces when I eat something I don't like.
When I make a bad decision I tend to feel awful when I make a good decision I tend to feel incredible. In the past I thought I might have had bipolar disorder, but the more I looked into it I realized I just have strong emotions.
During my life I have been frequently told that I am too sensitive and not to take things personally. These are the nice things people tell me . As a sensitive man I have been called almost every variation of the following words "*****, ******, nerd, idiot, loser, and wuss". The names themselves don't bother me as at some point or another everyone gets called names. What bothers me is that most people seem to genuinely believe I am those things.
I can go on forever about my sensitivity because to be honest it defines how I interact with the world. I just wish I wasn't judged so harshly for a trait that is outside my control. I am who I am, I cannot change and I am proud of that. Forget about love I just want not to be looked down upon so much.
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This is a gear post.
I like to call it overly emotional

I use the terminology highly sensitive person because that is what it's referred to in the research and books of Dr Elaine Aron. Overly emotional sounds too negative and not entirely accurate in my opinion. Overly emotional implies there is an ideal level or way to feel and that certain people have too much. Additionally being an HSP is not always about emotions or feelings, it's a way in which a persons body/nervous system processes information.

I'm sorry to hear all the horrible things that people have called you.
I hope you can learn to ignore those people. I think you are special the way you are. The world needs people like you to balance out all the craziness and apathy. That's how I look at it =)

I know the world needs me I just wish I was wanted a little more. I think in western culture being a sensitive man is often considered worse than being a criminal. Those who understand me tend to appreciate me and value what I have to offer.

^_^ Yeah, that's kinda true. But people in Asia would love you! So yayyyy

It's who you are. I completely understand! :-)

"You are a god among insects" - Magneto, X-Men 2

Great quote! ;)

That's so amazing.
I wish I could have met some really sensitive people just like myself some years ago.
I'm really sensitive myself and I always complain I feel too much!
That's why I always say I wanted to stop feeling like this, because I always suffer too much and I'm really tired of suffering too much.
But this is a gift, being the way you are, so capable of feeling so much. Fortunate are the people around you, who can receive this sensitiveness from you.
You are right to be proud of yourself.
Take good care and always be like that.