so i cry a lot, happy or sad, mostly sad.
i am so sensitive especially with my boyfriend. We have been through a lot together, good and bad for the past three years on and off. All the pain from the lies and the games we BOTH (not just him) did is still within me, we have moved on but those feelings come back in a hurry when he starts to do uncomfortable things. He is the total opposite from me so of course we clash a lot, and he isn't very understanding, only when its convenient for him..
he always asks me or has at some point said
"why do you have to cry?"
"oh okay cry again"
he has literally mimicked me crying before while we were fighting , (and your probably thinking he is a complete *******, which he is sometimes, but i am too sometimes, but were talking about me here currently)
"you cry at everything! i don't know what i do wrong but you cry at every little thing!!!"

so i try not to show my tears,but i cant help when i cry. i feel very alone i guess.since he cries maybe once or twice a year.and i cry once or three times a week.
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1 Response Aug 21, 2014

He needs to understand though, that highly sensitive people cry. A lot. We just feel everything so intensely. And it doesn't even mean that the other person did anything wrong. To me it's a healthy outlet for feelings. It doesn't hurt anyone. But it seems like he is taking it personally. I would just try to explain that it's just the way you are, and he needs to accept that and realize it's not his fault necessarily, and try to comfort you instead of putting you down. My mom used to do the same thing though, yell at me for crying, mock me, make fun of me. It hurts. :(