An Easy Target

I admit I'm a very sensitive person. I am compassionate towards the others. I feel sad over the smallest things. I cried easily but not in public. I cried silent tears so no one ever saw me crying and most people thought I'm a cold-hearted person. I cared about the people around me. I put them on top above everything else, even myself. I cared what the people around me feel. I cared what they want. I'm always ready to help. But in the end, I'm the one who's hurt and left alone. I do realize I'm an easy target for the people who wanted to hurt my feelings. No matter how much someone or even strangers hurt me, I still cared about them. I don't know why, but I always feel like helping people.

KissinCoffin KissinCoffin
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2 Responses Mar 15, 2009

I know just how you feel. I care so much about people that I spend the bulk of my time thinking about them and how to help them. Somehow I come across as uncaring and cold though, and am frequently betrayed by the people I care the most about. I am often described as aloof and selfish when my heart feels the complete opposite. <br />
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I believe very much in speaking up and standing up for other people who are being treated badly even if it creates negative circumstances for myself. It just seems no one ever does the same for me.<br />
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On a brighter note, I think these traits make us excellent healers, of individuals and ultimately, of humanity.

it's great that you like helping people and that you're a sensitive person. But maybe you trust people too easily. You have to stick up for yourself. stand up for what is right. if someone is hurting you, you need to let them know! ever heard the saying "treat people the way you want to be treated".. well people have to earn your respect. sounds to me like you hand out too much respect and trust to people that aren't worth it. there has to be a barrier. <br />
Only help those that are willing to help you help them. if that makes sense. if they can't help themselves, then there's no chance of you helping them without putting strain on yourself.<br />
you have to put yourself first sometimes.