Wow! What a road travel. Here I am and I believe I am an HSP. As a child, I was usually referred to as being very sensitive, very shy, and the really nice guy. Of course, when I heard the term sensitive, I just thought of my emotions. I never heard anything about my nervous system being different. I've been through the low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, etc. I had a good childhood and I feel like there was nothing major that happened to me to cause me the pain that I have been through. That is why I believe I'm an HSP. It wasn't the things that were going on around me that caused the misery, but rather my lack of knowledge of who I was (an HSP) and not knowing how to handle things. I've read a lot of self-help books, been through an attacking anxiety program, seen counselors and psychologists, but I have still been searching for answers to some unhappiness. Then I found this book, The Highly Sensitive Person, and it explains a lot. I'm also a spiritual person and I have turned to God and I believe he has gotten me to this point. I'm excited to be a part of this group and to share experiences, thoughts, and stories. Also, I definitely seem to get overwhelmed easily when I have multiple things going on and I can't concentrate. I now try not to have too many things going on at once. Hope to hear from others out there.

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I´m doing "HSP- the workbook" by elaine aron right now, and it is very helpful. life-changing. I recommend it. it offers so many tools to re-fr<x>ame those past judgments others have given us for being "too sensitive" and helps us see our HSP-traits in a positive light, but also to deal with the difficulties.<br />
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have you made changes since learning about hSP? how do you deal with it?