Curiously Ill

today i was at work at a hospital.  i was asked to assist in catheterizing a 69 day old baby girl.  As the catheter slid out of the urethral opening for a second then third time i began feeling myself getting the weirdest sensation.  It was like an electric impulse, that took over my entire body.  i was having a feeling of something so annoying that it was painful, physically painful for me.  I got light headed with an overwhelming voice screaming in the back of my head.  I fealt nauseated as her little girl parts got more red, and more irritated.  finally the other nurse gave up and i was able to escape from the room.  it just so happened that it was the end of my shift so i quickly got out of there.  I needed some fresh air anyways!  As soon as i got outside i began dry heaving, luckily i didnt throw up.  I have a feeling that i might be empathic...i'm not really sure tho...maybe i'm just being silly.  this is only one of the many things that has happened to me that has made me question who i am.  I suppose i'm just searching for someone to give me the answers to what i already know deep down just as confirmation that i am not completely  out of my mind!!!

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

It's impressive that you endured the ordeal. A certain amount of mpathy is a desirable human trait, IMHO. I think the lack of it is what makes sociopaths. You are probably in for quite a few repeats if you make a career of the medical profession. It's not uncommon in people new to the scene. It wears off in most of them. Let's hope you're one, or that you have success in finding a more suitable job.

oh my. no you are not out of your mind! Are you new to learning about HSP? I can help you if you need information/help on how to deal and grow. it´s made a lot of differende for me.<br />
take care:)