Maybe Or Maybe Not!!!

i joined this experience, even though im not too sure wether im highly sensitive or not!!! all i can recall, all through my life, is that i have always been different, i have always either just hung around a small group of friends, or ive been a loner!!! i remember when i was younger, i always used to cry a lot, and i think i was nearly in my mid teens, before i stopped crying over stupid little things!!! im always very jumpy, and i get a fright very easily, like if someone comes into my kitchen at work, to ask me a question, and i never noticed they were there, i tend to jump and get a fright, far more easily than anyone else!!! my feelings tend to get hurt more easily than i let people know, cos i know they'll just think im being silly!!! i hate being outwith my comfort zone, so if im in a strange place that ive never been to before, i get scared pretty easy,  and just cant wait to get back to normal!!! and one time i saw this woman on a train, and she had, it looked like a uniform they wear in the er in a hospital, and i automatically thought to myself, she could have witnessed someone die, and i just didnt enjoy the rest of my journey thinking about it!!!! oh, and i dont like really loud music either!!! i once tried an on-line test for hsp that someone on ep suggested to me, so i took it, and i got 20, but i still dont understand what it all means!!! i still dont know if im hsp or not!!!!

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me too, I am very sensitive.

i feel your pain *kittiex3*!!! all the things you just said there, i can relate to!!! (((((hugs)))))

I am very sensitive also. Any little comment people make wether it be directed towards me or not I take it personally and it will be stuck on my mind allll day long. If i hear little laughs and giggles I automatically assume it's made towards me. If I sense a little rudeness and hostility from someone it brings my mood down to 0! Then I will go home and cry over something that probably is nothing and shouldn't matter. I just take every little movement, words and just anything from people too seriously *sigh*.

thank you very much *joelisa* for your comment, cos its only just recently that i discovered hsp, and i still dont know too much about it, but as you say, once i learn more about hsp, and understand more about it, i can turn many of my sensitive traits into strengths!!! thanks again for commenting!!! *cowie*

Every single thing you described are classic traits of HSP, including being startled easily. Don´t worry though, being HSP isn´t a bad thing. Learning about it can help with the difficulties and turn many of your sensitive traits into strenghts. <br />
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For me, learning I was HSP also meant I felt free of some judgments people have had about me before, suggesting I was "fragile" or a loner and so on. But being HSP just means I have an extra sensitive nervous sytmem, and it´s genetic. <br />
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if you start learning about it (there are many websites and books) you will probably understand how to take better care of yourslelf, and become more confident and energized. Good luck:)