Looks Like There More Gonna Join Us From Italy. It's No Joke.

I find this news article interesting cause somehow it relate to our condition. I paste this from http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/01/23/285061/excessive-use-of-computers-poses-a-threat-to-italian-childrens-health/.

"A report released by Italy’s national Medical Association warns that computer and internet dependence among children and adolescents aged 11 to 16 is on the rise in Italy.

According to the study that surveyed 240,000 school-age children and teens, excessive web surfing has resulted in chronic health issues among Italians.

The Italian Medical Association's report has highlighted that most children and adolescents spend an average of three or more hours on their computers and smart phones.

One of the most serious disturbances caused by this addiction is the Hikikomori Syndrome.

Hikikomori is a Japanese term to refer to young people who tend to isolate themselves from society.

The Hikikomori syndrome is still a little-known phenomenon in Italy. Italian mental health institutions often overlook the problem because those affected are not diagnosed, the Italian Federation of Medical associations said.

According to the study, sufferers from the Hikikomori Syndrome are not autistic and their performance in school is not affected.

However once their school duties are fulfilled, they retreat into a completely isolated and virtual world.

The syndrome can be fought by raising consciousness of its existence and with support from the family the study by the Italian Medical Association recommends." -PressTV

At one side I'm happy I'm not the only one in the world, there's lot more people out there like me (I know I shouldn.t feel like this cause being a Hikikomori is frustrating). Yet, on another side, I feel bad for them cause it's not easy being a Hikikomori and I know all those painful helpless feeling of not being able to connect with society. Once a Hikikomori, it's hard to go back to normal. But somewhat I know all this stemmed from myself. However, I'm grateful for all those experiences (bad or good) cause I learn alot and gain a lot.
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Sorry for the typos! my keyboard is Brasilian, so I am still trying to get used to the chageover. I also forgot to mention that I am a gay male hiki, for what that's worth. It is us who are especially traumatised by mainstream society -- especially those of us in Japan.

Peace! Love!

Thank you, Molto grazie! Doumo arigato Gousaimasu! Really! Finally some other than me recognises that being hiki is NOT strictly a Japanese phenomenon! I am a forth generation Japanese *yonsei) I was born myself in your neighborring country Bern, Switzerland. I immigrated first to Brasil, then the States.

it was here the latter, that through this archaic and very oppressive form of capitalism, that I found myself not being able to fit in. I have been all these things, rejected, shunned, ridiculed, bullied, even so far as to have been victim of sexual assault and outright rape!

After that, this was it! BASTA! There was only three alternatives for me, crime, suicide, or dropping out altogether. I wound up doing the latter, I became hikikomori.

I don't knw whether you have read this book *unfortunately only Japanese and Ehglish) bythe top psychiactrist in Japan, Tamaki Saito, his one book, 'Hikkikomori: Adolescence Without End'. This explains -- and comes to our defence -- our plight. He invented the term hikikomori, Plus he emphatically stated that this is NOT simply a Japanese issue, but indeed an INTERNATIONAL one.

It is not a lifestyle, but a situation that we and more people worldwide are being forced into. Its horrible! I HATE it! But like you and everyone else in this situation, we have no real options! It1s really so sad. Few friends,and virtually no love! Its lonely! Degrading! I wish I could rejoin mainstream society, but I can't!

May you have my sincere love and compassion! Grazie!

Thank you Yosutebito for sharing your story. You have had a harder time. I wish you the best love and protection from God. Yes, it is hard for people like us but fortunately for me, I have my family support and understanding. So, when I'm at home, it's paradise but when I go out, it's a bit tough. But I can feel I'm getting stronger because of them, and also learn becoming more independent. I still cannot get out of being completely unable to adapt to outside environment (being all nervous and uncomfortable) but at least it was not as traumatizing during my past years. I no longer feel so sad for not having a social life, I have something else to occupy my mind and my family made it possible for me to do so. I have a a stronger objective I want to achieved. I mean of course, it's good if i can join mainstream society like a normal people would, but they don't really force me, they give me space to do things within my own capability.

So really, I wish all the same for you. I will pray for that God give you the same support as He gave me. So, you won't have to shoulder the burden all by yourself. And thank you very much for your love & support. You are a very nice person.