I actually had an older hippy come up to me once.
I was going out to a party and had to catch the train.

I don't know why, but I always seem to talk to randoms while I wait and we started by talking about music (and how I wanted to a music therapist, and who was better out of the dandy warhols and BJM).
Eventually we were talking about travelling and stuff and how we both just wanted to get a backpack and start walking.
And how awesome it would be to attend Burning Seed (going this year! :D :D :D)

He smiled at me and said "You're a hippy, you're just wearing the wrong clothes"

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Being a hippie doesn't mean you aren't smart. I went to uni with quite a few hippies and also class myself as a hippie having grown up in that era. Over here, we were a little behind the US as the hippie movement didn't really begin for us until the late 60s and carried on into the 70s along with the anti-war movement(Vietnam)

PS: And the music was just great!!

I am too. It was quite a blessing ^.^<br />
And yeah, I don't actually like my generation much (Is that awful?). <br />
Lol. <br />
I wish I was born then.<br />
And the music was tonnes better too! ^.^