I'm A Hippie???

People keep telling me I am...
-I like when people get along
-I like marijuana and LSD
-I have owned more than one pair of Birkinstocks
-My parents are hippies
-I like nature and animals and being outdoors
-I am more impressed with a man who rides a bicycle than a man who drives an expensive car
-I like 60s music, among many kinds of music I like
-I hate TV 
-I'm left wing
-I wish I owned and lived in a Winnebago with my pets
-I visit a homeopath
-Im not good with technology :s
-I have made several macrame items LOL!
-I like British Columbia
-I like yoga
-I bring a backpack EVERYWHERE I go
-I've gone tree planting
-I've hugged a tree (oak trees are my favourite)
-I've read The Electric Cool Aid Acid Test
-I like second hand clothing,
-I have hippie hair (bone straight and very long)
Anyone else wanna add to the list? What makes you a hippie?? :)
palepinkchick palepinkchick
31-35, F
5 Responses Jun 17, 2010

I realise there is a difference between what I 'want' & what I really 'need.' Oh & I love weed. :o)

Find Myself in love way to much with Hemp, J Joplin , Weed A whole lot of love and not careing about being or acting Fake. Just be 100% me and not find myself getting into lame groups of people that sit around being fake with each other. Much Love Peace. Tia T

can u play a sitar??? :P

i didn't know there was an actual list of things that make you a hippie..

I like second hand clothing and Birkenstocks!!! Oh no I might be a hippy under this business suit. Do you think it is possible? LOL