Today the Term Is Rather Loose

I really don't ever consider myself a hippie, but i have gotten that a lot from other people for liking 60's music or having records, and owning a bong or two. Today i think a lot of people are falling into the "hippie" category because of drugs or musical taste, but i have a certain respect for the real counterculture hippies of the 60s that started it all. My friend i hadn't talked to in forever called one day said that she was a hippie and i asked her "you mean you grow out your underarm hair?" lol. She said "No but i smoke weed all day and i like love The Doors and stuff". I think that's great and all but the genre of hippie has really come to mean much less then it once did. I can't help but feel respect for the girl really expressing her views, standing up for what is right and all the while styling the coolest dreads, now that's a hippie to me.  I'm don't expect us to start burning bras or anything, but the hippies of today don't seem capable of the revolution the originals accomplished.

I joined this group tho as I think i have a lot of "hippyish" views that are on a bit on the naturalist side, and i love other people who share the same carefree spirit. I grow my own herbs (no not that kind, i can get that from someone else lol) and I eat organic. I hate soda and the chemically-processed plastic and packaging it comes in. I am all for preserving the earth and loving nature. Today i went hiking actually and took the long trails. That's much more fun then shopping any day.  :)

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Very cool guys thanks for the comments. Your right jekyllnhyde everyone has their own interpretation. <br />
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LOL Shellygb I love the name of your cat that's great!

my persian cat is named<br />
Morrison, after jim morrison........... i must have been high when i named him... i am pretty sure i was,,,,,,,,,,,,,, <br />
come on baby light my fire......