Those Were The Days

much to my son's disgust, i am still a recovering hippie.
always was, and alas,
always will be!
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oh I love the hippies also, was a little young but was right there the fringe and leather, the barbs and the smoke, yea life was seen through peaceful eyes it seemed. Yea I was and always shall be a hippie, different world and life back then hehe

sure was! loved those days!

I know that's right, hehe memories, and to my old friend I say to the good ones and the ones we can't remember. lol

My step dad wrote this about his hippie days;<br />
<br />
I started out being a hippie and I guess I still am one cuz there's no way that I know of to stop being one. You can become other things but if you really lived the hippie life deep down you'll always be a hippie. I'm not saying this is good or bad I'm just saying you walk through life with a certain mind set that you can't hide or shake off. When I was young it was cool to be a hippie, now it's hard to live the hippie life. But it's still better than being straight. <br />
Being straight is not a good trip. You start off going to school to learn how to turn your mind over to the control and power freaks. Smoking dope helps to stop this from happening but you still have to figure out how to keep yourself alive without turning your soul over to these control people. Smoking dope will show you that you have to be free but it will never bring you freedom. Without freedom, before you know it, they'll dress you up in a suit and you'll be knocking at my door trying to sell me life insurance.

I loved hippies. I never was one, although I did love dressing in the long unbleached cotton skirts and peasant blouses. It made me feel kinda hippyish. But, I was never anything more than a wannabe admirer. I didn't get into the *communal sharing* or the *free love* or the druggie scene. I was a "square in hippy's clothing" LOL

It was fun growing up in that era.

Yes, love the attitude and way of life

it was a great era!

Lol <br />
<br />
I love hippies :)