Suburban Hippie At Heart

  Truthfully, I'm unsure how to define hippy dom. I call myself one because I compost, garden organically, use products that don't contain harmful chemicals, follow a mostly vegetarian diet, and LOVE public radio such as NPR or community non profit radio. I support Obama, feel liberal than the average co worker, and love culture, travel. I get along marvelously with other hippies usually from the womyn's center on campus and have always questioned societal norms such as marriage, children, traditional gender roles, and religion or the distribution of wealth in this country. I can go on.

  Hippy dress? Kind of... comfy shoes like dansko clogs, earth shoes, sandals, organic cottons. Hippy transportation? I HATE the car, but unfortunately I live in a place where I need to drive to get to the nearest bank , the shrink's office etc. As for free love, I am a one relationship type of gal- no multiple partnerships or being one of someone's eight  partners.

I do like to get my hair cut before it reaches my mid back too, and to keep a somewhat neat appearance.  I'm still unsure what defines a modern day hippie, but I feel like one at heart.

smartiecats smartiecats
Jun 17, 2008