Peace And Love

I have always enjoyed The Beatles. Some of my happiest childhood memories are accompanied by their beautiful music playing in the background. When I was a teenager I began to look into the culture surrounding The Beatles. I was curious about the sixties and tired of my own generation, to be quite honest.
When I found out about the bright colors and psychedelic prints, the message of peace and love, lots of sex, amazing drugs and fantastic music I was hooked. The 60s and 70s appealed to me so much that it became a part of my identity.
In high school I was known as the hippie girl. Some people liked it, others thought I was being a poser and a few found me annoying. I began to preach more and more about just being nice and getting along.
I worked a peace sign into almost everything I wrote and handed in, including assignments, papers and tests.
I think that part of the reason I am a hippie is because I felt like I needed an identity in high school...well that identity stuck.
Cutecolleen Cutecolleen
18-21, F
Jan 7, 2013