You Decide

well, i think have some hippie traits.

  • i grew up obsessed with music, believing it was the answer. i liked folk music and the beatles. (but i'd listen to anything, including rap, classical music and plastic pop music.) i've been going to concerts all my life, and have been to a few festivals.

  • i've wanted to try cannabis since i was a kid.

  • i've been a vegetarian since i was 8. (planning to try veganism).

  • i avoid products that were tested on animals.

  • i do meditation sometimes.

  • i  make an effort to resist consumerism in some ways. i shop in charity shops most of the time, don't drive, and buy fair trade products.

  • i pay attention to my carbon footprint, avoiding using lots of electricity and  getting food with eco-friendly packaging etc.

  • i love ponchos,  woolly jumpers, flares, tie dyes, and long skirts with funny shapes.

  • i say duuuude a lot.

but i also fly aeroplanes, drink diet coke, use a lot of electricity with my computer, and practice lots of other things that make me square. like, i don't do lsd. or pot. or anything. unless seroquel, counts. to makes me relaxed (or..mellow?... huh? maybe it does count.) i'm also not promiscuous... more like a virgin. and technically a catholic. and i go to malls. and i'm not interested in witchcraft or anything. and i watch E! sometimes. 

so you can decide, am i a hippie?
karatesquirrel karatesquirrel
18-21, F
Jan 17, 2013