I Live In Austin Where We Are ...

I live in Austin where we are all hippies according to the rest of Texas.  If you've never been to Texas, Austin is the lone liberal mecca.  I like to smoke pot, play guitar, love organic food, gardening, swimming in our rivers, creeks, and lakes, dancing naked, etc.
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10 Responses Jun 20, 2007

Sounds like you would fit in nicely. I'm definitely past my LSD days but I did plenty when I was younger. I'll still take some mushrooms here and there though!

I wanna live with you cos im a bit of a hippy specially for my age. And i am a bit of a pothead but i really wanna do LSD and im a veggie.

I wouldn't really call myself a hippie but a lot of other people would so...I guess it fits.

I love hippies!

I was actually born in northern Cali......on an Air Force Base north of Sacramento. Moved away at 6 months old though. I've heard a lot about the bay area. I think I would love some things about it but the cost of living scares me.

I'm having to give up the weed though.....ughhhhhh I don't wanna but it's time.

Depends on who "we" is LOL

It's nice...come down for a visit! We have Austin City Limits music festival next weekend. It's 3 days long and the lineup is pretty good this year...Bob Dylan, The White Stripes, Bjork, Queens of the Stoneage... lots of others as well.

My kind of place!

You're living my dream, man. I'm a bit of a pot head myself, but of necessity I have to be very covert about it. Some of my friends know, but almost no one else does. I find that pot helps a lot with the depression and negative feelings that I do still get.