After All These Years

 I am a Hippie. It's the only lifestyle that I ever felt comfortable in. I was first introduced to the hippie life in 1969. The Vietnam war had made a few of us mistrust the government and it's motives.  I did go into the military but within 6 months I had deserted and went to Canada. And it was the hippies in Toronto that helped me out when I first came across the border. They gave me a place to stay and helped me out a lot. And I could relate to everthing they believed in: anti-war, anti-capitalism, vegan diets,blue jeans and old clothes, wanting to live in a more environmently healthy world, the love of animals and nature, and living in communes.

   As the years went by, the world around me changed, but I still consider myself a hippie. Although a more appropriate term would be bohemian. And  I am very happy with my lowly station in society. I had to live on the streets for a while and I had to live in low rent housing for most of my life. I did have a "normal" job and got paid well, but I was bored and restricted. I am a poor musician right now living in a communal house. I only have one small bedroom to myself, but it's clean and in a "decent" part of town. I was never happy working jobs just for money or for social status. My dream is to find a nice farm somewhere and spend the rest of my life enjoying mother nuture ,writing songs and riding thru the woods with my dogs. It would be nice to meet others like me, but hippies are hard to find these days. So,where do you meet other hippies these days?

  So if you pass a musician playing his guitar in the street, give him( or her) a couple coins for me. Hey, it might be me saving up for a train ticket to a cozy farm in the BC wilderness.


thebluebohemian thebluebohemian
Feb 27, 2010