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I was raised up in a good family. Had always obeyed my parents. Until the day I decided to be free. Til the day I decided to fly away. So far so good I love my freedom. I dont know what being a "hippie" means for you, but for me, I "LOVE PEACE FREEDOM FLOWER" .. We all die young. ~

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Oh yeah, I guess you're right !

I which I was born in 60's .. How great!

I loved the 60s Some really great things came from that generation in my opinion: young people having ideas that didn't just go along with the establishment....less emphasis on money.....less emphasis on status (what happened to that?)...greater freedom for women....rights for black people (thank God).....not necessarily going along with established religions...on and on........One thing that didn't work out too well was drug use and free sex.....As far as drugs go, I do think that in some ways they allowed mind way of looking at things.....I'm for legalized with marijuana...that way it can be controlled better...and the government wouldn't have to waste money on trying to get rid of drugs...that will never happen....they're like burning their money....If they made marijuana legal...they could probabley wipe out this recession big time.....The free sex thing didn't work out too well either....Don't get me wrong....I love sex....and, when I was taking classes to become a Catholic I asked the priest why I couldn't have more than one husband....since, in the old testament men often had more than one wife or at least a concubine....He joked, "That's why we don't encourage people to read the Bible." Anyway, I do believe in some sort of God (or something) and I think that some of the Biblical (and ancient writings ) regarding rules about sex.....had something to do with their greater knowledge about some matters. i.e. having more than one partner, or as in the 60s, many partners, opened us up to certain diseases...The rules were to protect us, not to make life less fun......Anyways, my daughter calls me a hippi sometimes...and, I like that! :)

Cool ~ I like that term "lazy bastard" !

The way things are run these days it is imposible to live as the hippies did in the 60`s and 70`s. All freedom has been taken away. Cocaine and that stinking skunk has turned everybody into maniacs. the term `Hippie` comes from the old cherokee word meaning, `Lazy Bastard~ and I was proud to be called it, many times. Come to think of it I am still getting called it. As long as they keep reminding me I am then I dont have to keep proving it. My humour and my fantasticly sharp wit is still in its hippie mode but no else understands me if I think I am being funny. Hey! maybe i am not funny after all. and never have been. I was always getting laughed at though. Get your hippie head around what I am trying to say.

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Long live Hippies ;)