Ackward Hippy Goth Weird Chick

Well hello  I"m a different breed I suppose I'm also in the I don't know mind set also so, I love nature I'm in love with art, anyting different then the norm I don't know if I really consider myself as a goth as I don't like putting myself in a group or label but I really think in the way of goth so yeah I guess I'm part that but I also love looking and the sky and wishing I was a bird at times, or walking in the woods that's a little dark yet the smell and the sound of the wind blowing through the trees is somthing I love, I enjoy seeing ackward moments I like seeing how a villian is in a movie but I will admit now days with certain characters where they are dark and yet they have a good side to them a human side as we all are. At times being human when one feels hate, rage, confusion, psycho path moments, someone who's well as I've stated human.

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3 Responses May 21, 2012

I have one word for you!<br />
Your completely unique!<br />
I understand what your feeling and get what your saying, to me your amazing! ❤<br />

Hello. I'm an old weird hippie guy from Spokane. We didn't have goth when i was young though. Carpe Diem!

wow no comments huh?