Hung Up On The 16th President

I've loved history since I was a boy. In these last few years I've turned to American history, and the figure that interests me the most is Abraham Lincoln.  Why?  It's not just about slavery, on which his opinions and actions were both complex and nuanced.  But Lincoln had the most pivotal presidency in this nation's history.  ( I seriously doubt any president will face an existential crisis as great as he did. Unless it be Armageddon).    In doing so, his presidency transformed this nation and set it on the road to becoming the nation it is today.  He was the man who had both the will and the skill to fight the war for the continuation of the union.  He starts out with an army insufficient to defend its own forts, all it's best generals defecting to the other side, and no navy to prevent the South from receiving supplies from Europe.  Still, he was the author of a new birth of freedom in this nations as the million of enslaved Africans would be made forever free.  He turned a collection of states into a single nation.  No longer would a man's state be his country, but all the soil of the United States would be his nation.  He was the most unlikely hero.  He was born in the South, Kentucky.  His family haled from Virginia.  He was a poor farm boy with not much schooling.  He was ugly.  His own cabinet thought him nothing more than a country lawyer who was over his head.  Yet he found the means to hold off the forces of secession, keep France and England from either entering the war of the South's side or forcing a negotiated settlement that would have left the country split in half, and perhaps at perpetual war with it's former Southern half.  Or perhaps the United States would have ceased to exist all together.  Whatever would have been the nation's fate, his leadership bound it together.
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He was a man with conviction who believed in what he was doing even in spite of his own personal battles within his family. He was the man for the job at that time in history. You made very good points.