Personal history becomes collective history in giving context to experience.

France has a rich history which is an example to the world.
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An example is after WW1 the allies humiliated Germany and removed the Keiser who was the figurehead they Germans looked up to.
Result was t left a void for Hitler to fill if the Kesier had stayed on Hitler would have never been able to rise to power.

Fast forward to WW2 and the Americans intentionally left the Japanese emperor in power but instead as a powerless constitutional role so the people had their figurehead to look up to but the county was now a democracy.
Japan was probably post WW2 biggest success story

IRAQ - the US decided to remove Saddam Hussain who ruled the country as a dictator and kept order through fear.
Then he was toppled overnight and it created a situate where the terrorists are now the real power in Iraq not the government.

Look at history so we dot do things wrong again

i like history its possibly the most important subject there is because we can look back at history see what we got wrong, what we got right and it can help us make the right choices in the future.