History Is Crap

I Love History. I recognize that from the very beginning of consciousness I have been using history(in the form of memories) to form my impression of the present reality.

I could go a dozen different directions with this next sentence.  It occurs to me how easy it is to digress when you feel passionate about something. So to keep myself on track, I will specify the topic at hand. History in my workplace. Where I work is almost one hundred years old. That is not very historical you might think. But I feel that one can find history in something no matter how fresh it is.

Take a bird crap for example. It just appeared on the windshield of my car 10 minutes ago. It's still pretty fresh right? I mean yeah, it's already starting to dry out, sure. But it's still fresh. Yet, there is a whole world of history to that bird crap in my mind.

That bird crap is composed of digested seeds and/or insects that just recently went through that birds digestive track. But before that, those seeds were produced by a plant with a history all its own. Or that insect was alive and was doing its thing, just days ago. Say that insect was a spider for example. It hatched from an egg perhaps 7 weeks ago and it had 138 siblings but only 14% percent of them lived past their first week. I don't know the actual details. But I know that there are some real circumstances. The mother that laid those eggs. Perhaps she watched over those eggs and soon after died a natural death. The mother's mother. 10,000 generations. All with real lives and circumstances.

That bird. It's digestive track. The molecules in it's feathers. The color and composition of its previous eggshell, it's parents, the long and sordid ancestry of the ***** donor that was it's father. That *****.

The ***** that was produced by the father of that bird, the bird that crapped on my windshield. That ***** has a history all its own.

Well, the point I was trying to make is that, history is all around us and you don't have to think of it in terms of one thousand or ten thousand years ago. So, Even though the place I work is less than a hundred years old, It can be found to be extremely rich in history if you are willing to delve into it.

And it is all linked at some point. I could link the bird crap on my windshield to the Egyptian King Tutankhamun thusly: If you believe in creation, that God created all life, then God is the link. The original ancestor of King Tut and the original ancestor of that bird, that bird that crapped on my windshield ... both created by God. If you believe in evolution, then there is a common link in the Amniotes, which are a group of tetrapod vertebrates that have a terrestrially adapted egg. Either way, whatever your belief, even if you must go back to the creation of the universe, That bird crap and King Tut are linked.
But anyway, I wanted to tell you about the history I see in my work place. How it was the first power station to deliver electricity to Los Angeles. The pictures I see, how they are all are wearing hats. The artifacts that I find. Tools, Bottles, Graffiti. The disastrous Dam Collapse. Many things. I was going to title this something like, 'History at Work' but I think I will save that for another time.

I need to go wash my car.

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3 Responses Feb 7, 2010

lol--no way, blujay--'history is crap' is the perfect title. :)<br />
i was just thinking similar thoughts yesterday.. so interesting. i mean, if we take ourselves as an example. think about all of the people, a very specific group of people, who had to live, and meet , and ****... in order for each of us to exist. really kind of magical, don't you think?<br />

Thanks for the kind comment. The guy in my profile pic is the actor Burgess Meredith as he appeared in an old Twilight Zone episode called, "Time Enough at Last".

Neat string of thought. Nearly House-like in the analytical department. I was for sure entertained by your story, but isn't that the historian A.J.P. Taylor in your profile pic? :-)