Scheduled To Give Away Hundreds Of Books Today

Tomorrow, around midday, a charity is scheduled to pick up hundreds of books that I'm donating. That's right I said hundreds. I'm a hoarder and I mostly hoard books, clothing, and food. Especially books. I have acquired everything from children's books to organic chemistry textbooks. I practically lived in Borders before they closed (Hey, I did my darnedest to keep them afloat.) I bought books from on a daily basis. If there was a used book sale within short driving distance, I hit it. I visited the book aisle at the thrift store on a weekly basis. If anyone was giving or throwing away books, I took them.

Most of the books that I hoarded I read or had a definite intention to read someday. A few are books that I acquired meaning to give them to other people. A few I just can't explain how they got into my house, but suspect my mother gave me. She's a hoarder, too.

The vast majority of these books will not fit in the new apartment that we're moving into. Even if they did fit physically because I am really really determined to stop hoarding, they don' fit emotionally anymore. So, they must go. Tomorrow.

I have roughly 28 hours until pickup. I have not yet sorted through a single book to see what I'm keeping (roughly 10% of my collection), so today should be interesting.
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1 Response May 19, 2012

Thanks so much for your support. It took 14 hours, but 1600 books are out of my house! I did end up retaining about 300 books (200 more than my goal) but can't begin to describe how happy and relieved I am.