I've Been a Hoarder Since I Was a Kid, But Occasionally...

I'm able to get rid of some stuff. Last summer, I went through all of my clothes and got my kids to go through all of their clothes to get rid of what didn't fit, was worn out and what just wasn't wanted. After the kids went through theirs, I went through the ones in the "to-go" pile (it took up a whole full size couch and was piled about 4 feet high), sorted it out in to boys clothes and girls clothes. Then sorted out the stuff that either had holes and/or stains on the clothes. I asked a few of my neighbors, family and friends, if they wanted to go through those things, which widdled those down to about 4 large trash bags full, which I sent to a distant cousin.

I had a very hard time letting that much go, yet it felt so good to get rid of it.

What was left was still about half of the first amount (2 feet high on the full sized couch), I thought that these things were still in good condition and thought maybe I could either have a yard sale or put some of them in a consignment shop. But it's still sitting in my LR, taking up room.

We aren't well off and I saw what was coming with the economy and was worried about giving up something that might bring in a little money, so here I sit, waiting on spring to try a yard sale.

I haven't been diagnosed with OCD but I recognise several signs in myself, so I feel I at least have a mild to moderate form of OCD.

Part of me wants to get rid of practically everything I own but I feel that I can't go to those extremes while I still have kids to raise. I totally envy the people that live in those tiny little houses about the size of a shed. I wish I could simplify my life like that.

Please wish me luck on my continual battle with clutter. Thanks.

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4 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Things are more dependable than people. I think that's why its so hard to part with them.

Thanks to you both. I haven't had a yard sale yet, but I am once again starting the process of cleaning out and sorting my stuff with hopes of getting rid of more.

It is hard and ocd does not help. Hope yoour yard sale goes well.

Piles...man am I there! lol <br />
I came from a poorer background growing up too, so I know what it is like to not have things. I think that adds to my "now that I have it I do not want to get rid of it, I might need it" mentality. Maybe I just use that a an excuse...