A&e Television Show Hoarders

Compulsive hoarding is a very serious problem affecting millions of Americans and their friends and families.  However, little is known about this disorder, and too often hoarders are misunderstood and can’t find the help they need.
Hoarderson A&E is now in itsthird season.  We are actively searching for hoarders and their famlies willing to share their stories in this groundbreaking documentary television series that sheds much needed light on this complicated and often “secret” condition.
We will provide free and compassionate services for the hoarder which will include but not limited to mental health support, professional organizers, and professional cleanup and/or junk removal services. Our goal is to help the hoarder and their families take a big step on the road to recovery from this disorder.  If there are other agencies already involved, our goal is to work with them and the hoarder to come up with the best possible outcome for those impacted by the hoard. 
Hoarders chosen to be profiled in this series will also be offered a significant “after-care” package that will ensure ongoing mental health and/or organizational support.  Each case will be considered on an individual basis and services will be tailored to fit the individual’s needs.  All of our professionals have experience in treating this population and are appropriately trained and credentialed.
We are looking for individuals who are willing to spend 4 days sharing their stories on camera.  We understand that compulsive hoarding is an extremely emotional and difficult disorder.  Therefore, it is our hope that by sharing the personal stories it will help others realize they are not alone. We will also share the right way for families and friends to approach a hoarder to hopefully avoid contentious and dangerous living environments.
What we are looking for:
  1. Individuals willing to tell their story.
  2. Individuals motivated to change by a ticking clock or crisis caused by hoarding that needs to be addressed immediately.
  3. We need to show how the hoarding has impacted friends and/or loved ones. These individuals will need to appear on camera and share their side of the story.
Whatever your crisis, whatever your story, we are interested in listening.
Please contact hmisterek@gmail.com
hmisterek hmisterek
Jul 2, 2010