Story #134 I Have A Secret

I am a hoarder, by nature. I have a difficult time getting rid of stuff. I occasionally force myself to go through the junk I accumulate and get rid of anything that I haven't used in more than 2 years. And in this way, I keep it down to a dull roar. But, it is inherent in my very being to keep stuff. But this is not a secret. Oh, I know, you didn't know this about me, but all who have known me for any length of time, (here in my physical world) know that I am a hoarder.
Now, we come to the secret. I hoard hearts and gems. I play Puzzled Hearts and Charmed Gems on FB. And I have fun with it. BUT, I can't use the collected hearts in my treasure box to fill in a heart card. Nor can I use the gems in my jewel box to fill a charm bracelet. I ask other players to send me the items I need, or I wait. (I may be crazy, but not stupid, I don't buy them; I save my real money for real things like groceries) But, I do ask.
I'm not selfish, though, I always send hearts and gems to anyone who asks. BUT not the ones from my hoarded collection.

There you have it. My dirty little secret. I am a heart hoarder. I wonder if there is a support group for people with my disorder.
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I am the same way in being unable to get rid of stuff. So is my father, who keeps things in the garage and certain places in the house so that the rest of the house is not cluttered. My stuff is in my bedroom, and I manage to have my room fairly neat. I like to watch the shows "Hoarders" and "Hoarding: Buried Alive" to see hoarding cases much worse than mine and think my bedroom isn't so bad. Do you hoard just hearts and gems on the Facebook games, or a lot of other things also as the first paragraph implies?

About three years ago, I moved into an apartment building that was infested with bed bugs. I couldn't move out, until I got rid of the bugs, or I would be taking them with me, so I stayed and fought them. Well, by fighting them I mean getting rid of everything they might have got into. Yes, I was a hoarder, of many things, but now, I have practically nothing left. Even got my clothing down to only one laundry bag of everyday clothes and one bin of seasonal clothes. One set of sheets for my bed. But the bugs are finally gone. and now, I don't need to move. And why would I want to? I might move into an infested apartment. I have been informed there is a plague of them in southern Ontario. And that is where I live. I am tempted to migrate to the frozen north. Apparently they don't survive freezing temperatures. But, to kill them with heat, the heat has to be above 140 F for at least 10 or 12 hours. I'd rather be cold, you can always pile on the blankets to get warm, but you can only get so naked before you begin to cook.

I have thought about how warmer parts of the U.S. have more species of bugs, including larger versions, and I'm scared of big forms of spiders, cockroaches, etc. and am glad I live up in the Midwest. To avoid getting rid of almost everything, I wonder if you could have done each item separately, checking for bedbugs and eggs and getting rid of ones you see, then put the bedbug-free items together in a safe place. But I know that might have been tedious.

I was once temporarily rescued from a bunch of hoarded stuff by a severe flood of my garage. I had to pull EVERYTHING out and then clean all the floors and lower shelves. About half of the stuff had gotten wet and icky, so I threw it out. I was kinda glad for the flood afterwards. It wasn't my fault the stuff got ruined and it gave me "permission" to get rid of it without guilt (except, of course, for the guilt that I should have found a way to use it or someone to give it to before it got ruined).

Awww, if this is the "dirtiest" little secret you have then you're... squeaky clean!! I think it's cute!! I tired my hand at the FB farm but Yikes....That took time I didn't have!! All my crops died....I do better in my yard. I think it's sweet you're a "share-bear" with other folks too! <br />
<br />
May all your bracelets be charmed and all you cards filled with heart!! ♥ ♥ ♥

I never got on the farmville or cityville gravy train. Too much like work to me.