I Have Come To Realize I Am A Hoarder

Hello, I M a single mother of three and i believe, and believe I am hoarder. I save everything. I have clothes from high school, I have receipts from years ago. It's like I pick something up and put it down but not in its right place. I have soooo much stuff but can't seem to let it go. I even have a storage that I have half my stuff in because i tried to downsize my stuff but It's worse now. I don't know what to do. I try to put things away. It looks good for about 1 day, but then It's back to stuff on top of stuff, or hide It so i don't see it or have to look at it. It sucks, my mom tries to help me but it goes right back to stuff everywhere. My 15 year old brother came over while I was at work, thought he would surprise me and help me by cleanig up, but when i got home I freaked out. I didn't kno where he put anything. I had papers that i knew what thet were for even tho they were everywhere. Thats when I realized. I freaked because my house was clean, he threw things away that i really didn't need. It stresses me out. I dont know why I have this lazy brain mentality. I don't even let people come over because It's crazy. I never have guests. I never allow my kids to bring other kids over because i don't want them making fun of the kids because of my house. I want and need to change. Especially for my kids. I dont want them growing up and hoarding too because they see mommy hoarding. I feel like i can't have relationship either because I don't want people at my house. Errrrr. Anyway, that's my story.
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1 Response May 8, 2012

I know exactly how you feel. My hoarding is definitely affecting my children. The older one stopped having friends over years ago. The younger one has never had a friend visit.<br />
My children are my inspiration to recover from hoarding. I could definitely lose custody of the younger one. I am trying to arrange to move into a new apartment where we can have a fresh start. Part of the reason I hope that it will work is that it is MUCH smaller so I will be forced to throw things out. Also, I know that the apartment manager is very nosy so she will be in and out of the unit for any reason whatsoever. That way, I can't hide a mess. I don't know if that would help you, but some people need the external motivation.<br />
My parents are hoarders, but my older daughter is not, so I have hope for her future. The younger one is too young for me to tell yet whether she has hoarding tendencies. She does not notice when I get rid of items secretly, but she definitely likes to collect stuff. Talk to your children about your hoarding and explain that you want to change. Ask them to help you get rid of clutter. Consider a family challenge such as who can fill up the most trash bags in one hour. Promise a special outing (not shopping!) with money saved from not buying new crap.