Just A Little At A Time

I actually feel better today. I called my mother to wish her a Happy Mother's Day. She was happy to hear from me, but 2 minutes into the conversation I not longer had anything to say to her. Sad, but true.

To keep myself busy and away from shopping, I decided to go to the office. But before I would allow myself to get lost in my work, I finished picking up all of my clothes in my bedroom. This project took a total of approximately 16 hours. I still have so much to do in this room, but at least I can sleep across my entire bed and make my way to the closet without tripping. I ended up with 8 storage boxes of clothes to donate. They are currently stacked in the corner of my room and I hope they don't stay there longer than a week. The room is still dusty, but I will deal with that.

Next step is to continue sorting through the piles of jewelry and shoes in my bedroom. I have tons of shoes, bracelets and necklaces I hardly wear. I love them all... just like I love all my clothes. But I'm thinking if I put them in boxes it will be easier to get rid of. :(

I'm at work now and feel good. Funny thing, my co-workers think I am so neat and clean. My office is very "zen" like with very little stuff. They actually think I'm a minimalist. Odd, but true! But there is a catch 22 to being a minimalist at work... I have become a workaholic. It is easier to control the clutter in my work area and I feel so much better here. So what do I do? I stay here about 10-12 hours a day.

How did everything get so out of hand?
DesperateHoarder DesperateHoarder
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1 Response May 13, 2012

I'm so excited about the progress you've made. I hope that I'm where you are soon.