I Got The New Apartment!

I found out this morning that my application was approved. I am so excited because I feel like this is a shot at a new way of living. I should be completely daunted at the idea of having to throw out mounds of stuff, but I'm glad to do if it means no more living in filth.

I'm a little worried that the apartment may be a bit too small. It's ironic that I fear being cramped even though the only spots typically clear of stuff in my home are a toilet seat and a bed. However, too small will just have to force me to get rid of even more stuff than I had originally planned.

Right now, I'm looking at a recycling bin from three moves ago. It is in --of all places-- my bedroom. I don't even use it for recycling because we live in a different municipality that supplies bins to residents. Yet, I kept this one even though I knew I'd never need it. It's totally symbolic of my sickness. I'm tempted to toss it out right now, just to prove that I can! Alas, I know that in the 10 minutes, it'll take for me to get dressed and put it out at the curb, my mind will start racing with reasons why I should keep it at least until I move from my current address. When I'm tired, I'm most susceptible to keeping otherwise unappealing items, not out of physical laziness, but because my brain isn't working well. I can chuck it on my way out the door tomorrow. Hopefully.
laquitaemerson laquitaemerson
May 14, 2012