Im overcoming it!

Several areas of my life have been improving lately due to friends, faith, family and basically love. This is one.

You might know that people keep things because of psychological problems. Namely living in the past. I was having trouble letting my kids grow-up. I kept wanting to slow down time or even rewind and do things differently. As time passed one symptom was that made it hard to get rid of their toys and baby clothes etc. besides the kid-at-heart in me that loved those toys too! As my kids were growing i was reliving childhood. Not to mention trying to finish raising myself - as i felt my parents did not complete the job well (what parent does? In the end don't we each have to stand up and claim our own life? - no parent can do that for a child)
So i felt i wasn't being the best parent either and had lots of regrets. So thats why i wouldn't let go. I didn't have a good clear promising vision of the future either.

I'm changing. I have hope.

After 20+ years of holding on to my kids toys, today i gave away 2 big boxes full to a grandma who has to take in her grandkids. A stranger i just met through This is a great website with local chapters and you post what you want to give away or look for things you want for free. Then you get emails from people who want it etc.

With this step added to other recent declutterings the house is getting more manageable and functional.
Thank God.
stufy stufy
Aug 22, 2014