Getting A Little Better

My house is an entire mess & it's really hard to clean it. Especially because my mom is a big part of the reason it's such a mess & I have to clean up after her as well as myself. My room is the worst. The main problem is that I'm a bit of a hoarder. Probably more than a "bit" actually. It's really hard for me to throw things away because I feel like I'll need them someday. However, since around Christmas, I've thrown away at least five 39 gallon bags of stuff, plus some bigger stuff that didn't need bags. I have a tendency to keep broken items & ripped clothes because I think that someday I'll be able to use them to makes something lol. But lately, I've just been throwing all my stuff away. I feel bad about it, but the other stuff I threw away that I felt I needed, I don't even miss at all & can barely remember what most of it even was. Just yesterday, I threw away all of these beautiful glass jars I've been saving for over a year with the intentions of buying some of that colored sand, filling them, & putting them on display. However, I highly doubt that will ever happen & I finally threw them away. I feel bad about it, but it's better this way. We're hopefully moving in April, & I want to be rid of at least most of the junk before we move. When we moved here two years ago, I brought a great deal of that junk from our old place to this one. I didn't view it as junk at the time, but as things that I needed. I'm hoping I'll be able to keep our new place cleaner than this one. Of course, it would be easier if I had some help from my mom in that department. She is disabled, but is still capable of doing far more than she does, which is nothing.

lyricalongings lyricalongings
31-35, F
Mar 10, 2010