I Am Almost A Home Nudist

I live in a housing complex predominantly made up of senior citizens and my unit borders on a heavily traveled pathway.  For that reason (and concern about arrest for indecent exposure) I have to limit my home nudity to being bottomless with a T-shirt on top to give the impression of being dressed to those passing my window.  I should mention that, due to a care accident, I'm mostly confined to a wheelchair, so I'm sitting 99% of the time.

On this particular day, I was sitting at my computer next to the window when there was a sudden knock at my door. 

The main door to my building is, by choice of the residents, kept unlocked but I normally notice anyone passing because my peripheral vision is above average.  For whatever reason I hadn't noticed anyone passing, so I assumed that my visitor was a fellow resident of the building; all of whom are aware of my choice to be semi-nude in my apartment and those who object have agreed to call ahead before visiting.

I was shocked to see that my visitor was a young lady, a junior in high school, who served on a committee I chaired for my community; she had come on a break between classes for me to sign some paperwork for some of her fellow students who had participated in a program for our group.  Praying that nothing (that shouldn't have been) was exposed to this "child", I invited her in and proceeded to sign the requested paperwork.  She didn't seem at all curious about why I wasn't wearing pants or if there was any clothing of any kind under my T-shirt. 

She departed but left me wondering whether she might comment to others at school about my dress (or lack thereof), or even mention it to her parents when she got home.  I could clearly imagine being led out in handcuffs once the school or her parents repeated what had happened to her.

Thank goodness, my fears were never realized.

Once she had turned 18, and was a legal adult in my state, I reminded her of that day and asked what she had thought.  Being a very bright young woman, she told me she had assumed that I was naked under my T-shirt but since I hadn't done anything agressive to impose my nudity on her she felt that I had a right to do whatever I chose in my own home.  In addition, she told me, now that she was living away from home at college, she was interested in "pushing the envelope" and asked for any suggestions I had.  I told her about a clothing-optional B&B near her college that I had gone to frequently where they had pool, sauna and hot tub facilities as well as a tanning area.  She smiled and said that she'd let me know when she got the courage up to go there.  I told her it wasn't necessary to keep me updated but she explained that her reason for informing me was so that I WOULDN'T be there.  Being naked in front of someone she knew was a bit more than she was ready for in her first experience.

She went (and I didn't) and she loved it so, when school resumes in the fall, we plan to go there in a group of my friends and several of her fellow students who have joined her in loving to be nude in a public setting.
61-65, M
1 Response Jul 17, 2010

What kind of Society dictates how you should live in your own home? That should be the ONE place you should be free to be whomever you want; or has Democracy really died.