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My sister and I were raised by our mother (our dad passed away when we were very young). She had made it a practice to walk around nude most of the time. My sister and I would go nude when the mood struck us. As adults we have our own houses, jobs, ect. I still walk around the house nude all the time. My sister had fallen on hard times and had to stay with me for awhile. I had a live-in girlfriend who would walk around nude all the time as well. The first day we were all home together, My girlfriend walked out into the living room nude like she always did. My sister and I were already up having coffee, both of us were nude as well. My girlfriend freaked out because I was sitting there having coffee with my sister and we were nude. I tried to explain we were raised basically nude and it was no big deal. She called us sick freaks and broke up with me and moved out. My wife now was raised the same way and doesn't see a problem with it. So whenever my sister comes over we all hang out and sunbathe or just visit nude.
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5 Responses Sep 3, 2010

It's good to see the understanding your sister and you have. Apparently you both have no hang-ups at all about your nudist upbringing!

My parents were n't nudist but raised me naked. So i enjoy being naked at home with them clothed.

Well Barb, I met her at a resort. We are now divorced, so I am available.....lol.

how did you find your wife? I'd love to find a way to meet a naturist b/f with potential of a life partner.

You were probably much better off that the girlfriend left.