I have recently gotten remarried and my new wife knew I was a home nudist because of the sign at the front door(see my first story in this group) She did ask me to take it down though so as not to offend any of her friends & relatives that may visit. I took it down & put something on whenever her guests came to visit. I was OK with that because she had begun to stay nude often when she had no specific plans for the day.

We recently met another couple that are into one of our hobbies and during a visit to their house recently, we happened to see a photo of them posing nude beside a sign at the entrance to a clothing optional resort.My wife commented on it & our hosts replied that it was a one time only thing done on a whim. They said they liked the picture & didn't care if somebody saw it. My wife kind of shocked me by coming right out & saying we were nudists. Our hosts said that was no problem but they were not nudists at all, just that one time. We carried on our visit without another word about nudism.

On the way home, I said, "So, WE are nudists, are WE?" She said, "I guess so. we do spend a lot of times without clothes. There was silence for a couple of blocks,then she says, "So when are you taking me for my first visit to a nudist resort?" I KNEW I WAS GETTING A GOOD WOMAN WHEN I MET HER!
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Luck fella, and lucky woman enjoy each other. <br />
As you slowly come out to your friends you will find that most people are cool with nudity even if it's not for them. How about copying your other friends and putting up a discreet, but obviously nude, holiday snap.

Funny you should suggest that because there has been such a photo of my late wife and me on the windowsill of our ensuite for years.My new wife is totally OK with it staying there and I don't think it will be too long before there is one of us to display beside it.

Nice story!