Though for years, my wife and I would be relaxed around our apartment or house before the kids came along, one of the reasons why I bought the house we now live in was the idea that we could walk in the back yard, flower garden around the clothesline without clothes.

That is, I wanted a piece of property in the city that not only would get some sun, but also where we/I did not have to worry about other prying eyes spying on us.

It's not that we have been up to anything, nor that we were planing anything unsavory or illegal. It's just that when it got hot, or humid (as it is now), that I could shed my clothes and walk outside without second guessing myself or worrying that I was putting on a show for the neighbors.

Until now.

This week, without warning, the neighbors behind us have decided the time is right to hire a landscaper and tear out most of the bushes, trees, climbing vines and other greenery that we have come to love. Although we have NO say about what they do on their land, I appreciated the fact that they walked about their neighbors and told them the first day what was coming down and how and why they chose now to begin.

At first, I didn't recognize how extensive this was going to be, or that it was going to increase visibility between our two houses. But as the back hoe continued to pull up vines, dig up boulders, snap off trees, i became concerned.

I walked over to the work crew late the first day with 3 bottles of chilled water during a break and chatted with them. They are removing "the invasive species" that have flourished. They are "allowing the native plants to reach equilibrium," as well as re-establish themselves.

It occurs to me that this is a buzz word, "invasive" that excuses any eradication...and that given time, "invasive species" would also establish an "equilibrium", although maybe not what the landscaper is striving for.

In the meantime, the back yard is now somewhat exposed, and we can be clearly seen from their back windows, back yard and by all of the half naked, sweaty and dirt streaked laborers who are into their third day of reworking the neighbors' yard.

Having just installed an outdoor shower a few years ago, I turned to my wife and remark, well, there goes our privacy! She agreed and said, "we'll just have to get naked inside now."

Which we did!
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Install your own privacy fence or shrubs...problem solved...

That's such a shame. Have you managed to get outside naked in the last 8 months?

No, sadly not.

Someone mentioned cypress...... highly recommended.
More specifically, Leyland cypress. We also needed privacy for backyard nudity, similar situation as you.
... with Leyland Cypress, we created a virtual wall that soon became VERY high! We bought 8 foot trees, after second year they were twelve feet and growing a few feet per year.
.... If you have enough property, I'd suggest staggering the treeline. (we didn't, wished we had) You need to space them apart properly. For the first and second year they may not have filled the gap between the young trees. So by staggering them, you can maintain the proper spacing, yet have still have the visual wall. Of course you'll need to buy more trees. 50% more? give or take.
.... Also, we planted ours in a mix of dirt, some sand, and peat moss. Apparently they love that.
.... Do some research on the Leyland Cypress. Might be the best solution. (not having a clue as to where you live, climate-wise) Oh and the best thing is that around here, when the trees are bare in early spring and you'd like to be in the yard naked, the Cypress's are ALWAYS full green.

I feel sorry for your situation I hope my neighbour does not pull down the lovely trees at the back of my yard.I like to get out and do my exercises in the nude with the knowledge that no one can see me.

You can either put up a privacy vinyl fence or talk with the neighbors about nudity and ask if it would bother them if you and your wife are nude in your back yard.

Another alternative would be to plant some more privet hedge bushes so that they will grow and next year, perhaps provide some least of our shower room window!

I read that cypress trees grow quickly.

Really? I'm not sure that we need a talk tree... or even a row of them... what we need is some low, fast brushing out bushes to block the view down the hillside...or up,, depending on which way you're looking!

Sounds like the beginnings of an idea....if you really want to enjoy nude in your back yard and/or deck/porch, you'll come up with something. Otherwise that first summer inside will cure you of waiting....Good Luck!

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That's really too bad. Maybe just drop the hint that they may now see you guys naked as all the foliage is gone. Time to plant some bushes of your own to protect your sanctuary.