I Am Always Nude

I am 21 year old girl. I live with my dad ,mom and one brother. I have been nude since I was 13. I felt the liberation i got from being nude. so I started doing it first in my bedroom but then around the swimming pool. I was scared to tell them at first but eventually one day they saw me swimming nude and to my amazmnet they were ok with it. since then I am mostly topless in the house and completly nude aroung the swimming pool area ( sunbathing ).
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Good on you.
Everyone should be able to live there life in the nude.
Nudity is the way of life.

I have been a nudist sense I was 14 thank God my parent were ok with it, in fact i got my sister to join me. It was great it helped me through
most of my award times of my life.

I love to be nude too! glad your household is ok with it. Enjoy the tingles!

so nice.. glad your family did not try and change you.. they must really love you

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I admire your braveness and persistence in living like you want to. I know there are varying views on how bold is acceptable, but I'd never have started as a nudist without friends who pushed the limits

Way to go! Now, if only you can convince your parents, brother, friends, neighbors,
relatives, etc. to join you. I'm a member of the American Association for Nude Recreation (aka. AANR) myself. I'd recommend that you look up their website at

As a fellow nudist, I salute you lol.
Thanks for sharing, more power to the nudes I say!

Thats brilliant , enjoy your nudity .

Keep enjoying Nudism whenever +wherever possible friend as you got support from family. I'm always nude at home.

I wish I lived next door to you

That's great that you have such an understanding family.

How would I meet a woman like you. I am a home nudist. I don't dare myself to do much, go out on the patio when the neighbors are asleep is about, it. Skinny dip in the middle of a lake, etc. Most of the women I meet have a real hangup with their bodies. Like you, I find it relaxing and liberating to not be confined with clothing. Glad you are happy in your skin, society shouldn't be so hung up about it.

My daughter is very similar. My wife doesn't like it when she's nude, so my daughter normally does this when my wife is not around. She sleeps nude, likes to sunbath nude, swim nude, walks around the house nude. She's 20 now, in college, and at least one of her friends does the same, although I think all her guests sleep nude with her. <br />
<br />
My wife has caught her nude a few times outside by the pool, so she insists on putting her suit on. Well, her suit is a tiny, micro bikini g-string. It barely covers her nipples and has this small triangle patch over her ****. When the suit is wet, it's see through. Yet, it appeases the wife that she has a suit on. In the house, she will walk around with a towel on, but will take it off if the wife leaves the room. Sometimes, she watches in t-shirt and no panties and when my wife goes to bed, she takes her t-shirt off.

Your story makes me so hard does it not for you. I know you said shes your daughter but the way you worded your story her tiny biknie showin off her pus sy. Taking her zhirt off right when your wife leaves. She sleeps naked means you have went into her room. has she ever bent over infront of you with no panties on and her *** cheeks spread open and you see her butthole? You ever get hard? She ever see? Eva walked in on her playing with her self?

I have to admit, my daughter is a tease. But I know she does that because of the lack of sexual attention her mother gives me. My daughter and her friends have shown that I am desireable, my work getting to this body is not in vein, and one day, I may just take up one of her friends offers. For now, I do like that my daughter is comfortable around me that she can do most anything (and I don't want to ruin that relationship). Does it arouse me, well I am a guy and she is hot. On the other hand, she's also a 20yr old annoying brat (can you feel the love). As for you specific questions, she and I do work out, sometimes she is nude. So, yes, I have seen her on all fours, doing side leg raises. I paid for laser hair removal so there is no hair anywhere. And yes, I have walked in on her in the bathroom while she was using her ***** that sticks the the shower wall. I did walk out quickly. And yes, she has seen me hard. I too am not one to wear much at home, I prefer to be nude. She certainly takes after me.

Well your very beautiful, great story

Why do you state you're 21 years old, when your profile says you're between 41 & 45 yrs of age? I hate the amount of liars and deceitful people who are on this site.

Well, s/he's fixed that now--she's 22+. Musta had a b'day?

It's always interesting what happens when you get over your initial fear of just doing nudism, and you actually go through with it. I was 11 when I did it for the first time, and it surprised me just how my mom *didn't* react to it. I did it more often, and she did too. I think it's incredible that you took the steps to just *not care* about it, and that your family completely accepts it too.<br />
<br />
About the only thing I had to get over after that was to not be scared to death of being caught by visitors in my home. I completely don't care now as an adult, and on my own. People can come into my house, and I may or may not be clothed.

You are a true individual

Sooo true - being nude just means liberation and you can be happy that you discovered this fact quite young! I got into it later but now I'm 100% nudist, never wear anything in the house (except im dressing up for someone coming over °lol°) or in the backyard (love nude tanning) - and so does my dau.

great for you nice way deoing it also<br />
did your brother go nude

Great is'nt it, I grew up in a clothing op home, I have 1 sister and we rarely wore clothes at home, my mom was topless much of the time during the summer.

good for you well done you are one of the lucky ones who had understanding parents my kids never had to worry they were in a nudist enviroment from birth.

Good for you. Wish I had been that brave growing up:) love being naked every time I get a chance especially when I take me boat out and get offshore a little:) I just hate tanlines don't you??? Lol

itsgreat isnt it.I started young and still into it

Good for you don't ever lose that relaxed innocent view of living naked. I came across a woman recently that said she burned her clothes on her 18th birthday and hasn't been dressed since. She sleeps nude,, works as a nude model and lives naked and natural. Naked is how we were born, how we should live at least withing our own comfort zone. Summer, winter, spring fall...its all very individual. <br />
One thing becomes apparent tho, whenever a story like yours is told, we can easily see the damage of growing up in a twisted society with sick values and poor body image. This is why I strongly encourage you to nurture and maintain your natural self whether or not others agree with you. Be free, be comfortable in your own skin and never let others guide your path. Natural is better, naked and comfortable is the best decision you could ever make for your own health, enjoyment and just plain fun! All the best....stay naked and never lets shame or twisted values enter your mind. God bless....Uriel

It is great that your family has accpeted you for who you are, and they allowed you to be yourself at home! family are those who love you for who are, and encourage you on in positive issues.<br />
we are nude regularly at home too!

Am too a home nudist & am the only one who stay naked at my home. Why should we hide nudity infront of parents as they have seen ours earlier when we were small.

Im 28 and realized Im a nudist. Which is probably why It took me so long to realize I have felt bad about the clothes I wear and my Body size. Now I live on my own. I feel bettter about my self and have lost some wieght with my new confidence in life. Only problem is. Not sure if I know any one else in my neighboorhood does the same thing.

My family doesn't like it, the only one who is OK with me being nude is my sister.

It's cool that you experience this at such a young age. What made you decide to start at age 13? Do you mind still living at home now that you're 21? Cool. I hear that most people do. Did you start sleeping nude right away when you starting doing it in your bedroom? Did you skinny dip or just sunbath when you started doing so around the pool? Yeah, it can be a hard thing to tell a parent, since they don't always agree with it. As was previosly stated, though, it's nice that your parents were OK with it. I guess it's smart not to be totally nude in the house, if you're not so if doing so in front of them will cause problems or not. Is that why you are only topless inside the house? Can anyone besides your family see you sunbathing out by the pool?

Wow, that's an awesome story. It's so cool that you have such acceptance from your family and that you started at such an early age. I'm a nudist but only when I'm alone. An ex-girlfriend of mine used to join in it with me and I hope to someday find someone to do it with me permanently. Keep posting!

That's really cool of your Mom, Dad and brother, to accept you being naked around the house. I wonder if they would do the same for your brother? It's amazing how nudity is always treated as such a dreadful, anti-social thing to do - yet once you get used to nudity, it's neither here nor there. <br />
My gal and I go naked in the house, but we aren't willing to try it with friends, and I don't know that any of our friends would accept it. Maybe one of her lady friends would be O.K. with it, she's always joshing me about my nearly permanent nudity - but I've never tried it with her yet. Maybe I will, soon.

Ahhhh, the only way to live.

I'm an at home nudist as well and just learned that my new bride likes to go nude too. It's pretty cool that she didn't find it offensive. We are always home nude but never do we cook bacon without an apron! I recently did a post on my blog about home nudity. Check it out if you like.

It definitely takes a degree of courage to come to terms with fully and completely being yourself around people you have grown up with while conforming to other peoples "standards" of behavior. Certainly when you were born you were naked and then your parents diapered your butt until you could learn to use the toilet properly. Next they dressed you in "school clothes" of a certain type until you became old enough to begin choosing clothing yourself. Finally, if you have come to terms with the realities of your physical body and want to set your own standard of behavior, then you can TRY going nude. There are requirements for what I will call "responsible nudity" and a first-time nudist must understand this also. If you can understand that being naked does not automatically imply a sexual connotation, then you get it! People bathe nude. People swim for recreation nude. In some parts of the country (or the world) people do many, many things nude! Once a person realizes that clothing is not a requirement and can begin practicing "practical nudity" it is often the first thing a young adult wants to experiment with next.<br />
<br />
The final test is learning to control hormone-based urges and know that "private times" still exist for nudists and we definitely have etiquette (just the same as the rest of society has in its daily dealings). If you find yourself getting to "excited" while nude, a cold shower is always an option but so is an intense workout (such as weights or aerobics), a long walk around the neighborhood (get dressed first, of course), or any other physical activity to occupy your body and get the blood flow diverted back to ordinary muscles and your logical brain.<br />
<br />
Most of all, enjoy life and ALWAYS be respectful of others.

Fantastic, it's great that you discovered your freedom at an early age. I did as well but my family never knew. Sounds like you have great parents.

That's awesome, I wish my mom let me go nude around the house. Enjoy your nudity! By the way, nice pic