Protesting Not At All

Since I like ******* married men, I suppose I earn this label, even though I don't want or intend to wreck a marriage. I'm just interested in the sex; I want to be the zipless ****, with no strings attached.

I dare say that my ******* a man who is married will not change his mind about ending his marriage. I also put the whole responsibility of keeping his dalliance a secret upon him -- I do nothing to breach discretion, and I have less than no interest in taking him from his family.

But if he was looking for an excuse ... if he had doubt and was looking for confirmation, I wouldn't necessarily not **** him for it, if I thought the conditions were right. I simply take no responsibility for the results. It's like the disclaimer on the back of a sports event ticket: not responsible for injuries sustained in the field of action, etc.

If he did something silly like leave his wife for me, I would still not own the problem, because it's his, not mine. My problem is horniness and a love of certain types of sex and a general inability to care about the consequences. And that doesn't it make it my fault.
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4 Responses Jan 16, 2013

jeremfg, i have often wondered what i'd get as a tattoo. thanks for the suggestion! ;) (i know of a woman who's sadistic master tattooed a price list on her ***!)

jeremfg, i often wondered if she got fatter, would there be more canvas for new prices, to account for "inflation" ;)

jeremfg, i should get in touch with her again and see how her value has kept ... she may get cheaper, after all. ;)

ivo, the world should realize that. but it's kind of slow ... i guess unhappiness for some people is tantamount to an orderly world?

jackjjackson, one should always be wary of what one wishes for. ;)

gliding, what is your case, and why is it so heavy that you have to rest it?