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There is a time when you have to say - this is right for me. That day came with the warmth of spring this year. At first I would sneak around about it, but that didn't allow enough time for me to enjoy the wind and the sun bathing parts of my body that had never been exposed to sunlight. My brother and his wife are long time nudist, so that is what made me curious. Well I decided to tell my wife about my new life style and I don't know if that is the smartest thing that I have ever done. Here immediate reaction was " You are not going to do this, I dont like looking at nude people". I have been very persistant and she is starting to come around a little. Now I sometimes sleep in the nude and all though I still wait until I am by my self to enjoy being nude, I am no longer afraid of her catching me because she knows now and I plan on exposing this to her in little pieces until she is ok with it.
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My wife is the same way. She gets annoyed at me being nude, even when it's just the two of us at night when all the shades are down. As I speak to others, I've narrowed it down that she's uncomfortable being nude and thus does not like the fact that I am comfortable and enjoy it. I've been sleeping nude for years. I get up earlier than the kids, so my morning routine is nude. That includes going outside by the pool, maybe skinny dipping or weeding the garden. Some mornings I work out nude, then go take a swim afterwards. As the kids get up, I'll wear my speedo. But when they leave, it comes back off. On weekends, when the kids are not around, I'll sunbath nude, swim nude, etc... <br />
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I think what irks my wife the most is that we have one neighbor who does not mind me being nude. She even comes and talks to me and she too has started even doing the house cleaning nude. She doesn't understand my wife's attitude as she loves to be nude. <br />
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I've been married for 27yrs and my wife has not always been this way. I, or the kids or life has changed her.

Shame she feels this way good luck with getting her to accept this .Maybe get your sister in law to have a chat with her while you guys are out .If she feels pressured she is likely to be even less accepting .Woman are more accepting of other woman so it might work good luck.

Just came in from the back yard, where my wife and I were watering flowers. Playingly I sprayed her with water. She responded by starting to spray me. I told her, wait my cell phone will get wet let me take my shorts off. I did and we played for a long time with me completely nude. I dont know if there is a nudist God or not but I am starting to believe.

nice must try that havnt had a water fight in years