Nude Day

Finally today started off with a chill in the air, it is finally becoming winter here, so i decided to get the last sun soak in before we need to cover up, got out of bed, i sleep naked so i just stayed like that all morning, ate some french toast drank juice for breakfast and made my way outside where i took in all the sun i could, almost got caught a couple of times but i don't care if i do, and when mid may came it was time to go off to town, so need to cloth up to end my naked day

While I'm typing this I'm under my sofa blanket naked and trying not to freeze, i now think this is the last time i'll get naked till SPRING!
thegreennakedman thegreennakedman
26-30, M
2 Responses May 18, 2012

Here we are just coming into summer - 95 degrees F is forecast for today. I got out of bed naked and plan to stay that way.

have beena nudist all my life and think it is the only way to live ....would be naked all the time if could...

100% agree with you