I Need Advise

Ok, so i consider myself as a closet nudist. I have told my parents that i am more comfortable when im nude and that i sleep nude.

i want to start going nude around the house 24/7 if possible. but i dont know how to come out to my parents and tell them that im a nudist and that i want to be able to be nude around the house all the time.

i am looking for advice from both parents and nudists. or teenage nudists that have told their parents. So please can i have some help. i have been trying to figure this out for about a year now.
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2 Responses Sep 17, 2012

My guess is your father could care less but your mom does. I suggest breaking them in slowly, a little at a time.

well. first of all how did your parents take it when you told them your more comfortable naked ? . if they are ok with it, why not sit them down and go further and get their feelings on it. ask them if you can come to some arrangement about going nude at home.

my mom said that i get it from my dad, because he is the same way. i just dont know what i should say when i talk to them thats the only thing. and making an arrangement about going nude is a good idea. im just not sure what to say, except tell them more about nudism and that it has nothing to do with sex.

The interesting part to me is your comfort around your mom. Most kids are extremely aware of their bodies once they reach puberty.